Located near the rural town of Mekhliganj on the Indo-Bangladesh border near the river Teesta in the distric of Coochbehar, Mekliganj College is the only general degree college in the entire Mekhliganj sub-division. Although it was originally an agriculturally dependent and socially and economically backward region, the educated and visionary people of the surrounding locality established this college on November 22, 1996 with a view to fulfilling the educational needs of the youths. Even in the face of various adversities, including its geographical location, the college is now moving forward in tandem with the traditional values ​​of education. In addition to the curricular activities, the teachers and non-teaching members of this institution continue to play a sincere, collaborative and responsible role towards the overall development of the students through NSS, sports and social and cultural activities. As a bachelor's degree college, we strive to encourage students to succeed in various competitive exams through institutional education as well as career counseling and to build socially responsible citizens.

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