Mekliganj College is committed to maintaining a space for inclusive education overriding the obstacles of race, caste, creed, religion, gender, ableism or any other social discrimination. The attempt is to instill a sense of empowerment amongst students to take up challenges in their future life as an individual; a citizen of the country; a member of society; and, a child of nature. For such a purpose, Mekliganj College is driven by the vision to ensure the holistic development of our students. The logo of an ever-illuminating earthen lamp of the college symbolizes the spread of the light of higher education within the reach, specifically the rural backdrop of the Indo-Bangladesh border of Cooch Behar district keeping life ever-enlightening.  Our vision is-

-To provide wisdom and learning.
-To help the students in their personal development
-To educate the students with morality and nobility for raising intellectually competent and morally upright individuals.
-To uphold the ambience of discipline, culture, and learning with regard to human values.
-To encourage the students to achieve excellence in every field.


In order to reach the desired Vision, the institution has the Mission to

  • Make access to higher education inclusive through a more dynamic and learner-friendly system of curricular choices in response to social needs.

  • Instil scientific temperament amongst students.
  • Empower students to cope with the rapidly changing nation and the world with dignity.
  • Sustain the environment for the practice of constitutional values.
  • Empower students to critically analyse and assimilate into their lives ethics, values and compassion in terms of social and environmental justice.

  • To raise morally upright, intellectually sound, and socially responsible citizens for the service of the society, and the nation through affirming moral and social values in the curriculum.

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