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Initiation and brief overview The department of Sanskrit started its journey with B.A. Honours and programme in 2013. At present, the Sanskrit Department has a three-member faculty. Consecutive good academic record inspires both the teachers and the students of the department. The department will always endeavor to provide proper foundation to the students in fields like literature, Vedas, Philosophy, Dharmashastra. Vision and outlook Sanskrit is an ancient and classical language of india. As an integral part of hindu tradition and philosophy, Sanskrit is mostly used today as a ceremonial language in hindu religious rituals. Sanskrit exerted a great deal of influence on all language and cultures. Sanskrit mantras are recited by millions of hindus and most temple functions are conducted entirely in Sanskrit. Method of teaching • Teachers download study materials from internet and share those with students. • Class lecture is the general mode of teaching. • Written regular assignments help students clear their doubts and rectify themselves. • Extension lectures by eminent teachers are a regular part of the teaching process. • Additional study materials are given to augment their knowledge. • Simple Sanskrit speaking courses are sometimes organized in the class room to enable the learners to speak in simple Sanskrit. Infrastructure The departmental relevant books and materials of reference that are available in the college library. Email : mekcolsans@gmail.com Courses offered Bachelor of Arts in Sanskrit Honours/Program Generic Elective Skill Enhancement Course This is undergraduate B.A. Sanskrit Honors course which is offered under the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS). After successful completion of this B.A. Sanskrit Honours course students will be able to get an outline of the Vedic Sanskrit literature, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Self-Management in the Gita under three heads and Puranas. • The three years’ B.A. (Honours) Sanskrit CBCS syllabus prepared by CBPBU and being followed by us since 2018 enables the students primarily to express themselves through Sanskrit Language in Devanagari Script. • The students are exposed to a variety of extracts from the earliest texts i.e. the Vedas to the modern Sanskrit literature. • This course delivers knowledge of the vast Indian treasure. • From Semester V, the students have to write all the answers in Sanskrit language, and it will amplify their knowledge in Sanskrit. • The project work included in every core course will enable the students to make dissertation in future as well as it enhance their knowledge. • Sanskrit is the language most suited for the computer and by this course students will gain knowledge about it. • The B.A. (Hons) CBCS course will help the students to build up a professional carrier as teachers, researchers, translators, interpreters, inscription-reader etc.