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Initiation and a brief overview:
The Department of Education has been functional since the beginning of the first academic session (i.e. 1996-1997) of the college. However, the Honors Course started from the year 1999. Right from the initial years till date, the Department has maintained good academic records with University rank-holders at the UG level. At present, the Department has a three-member faculty (1 Assistant Professor, and 2 SACTs).
Vision and outlook
Our vision at the department is to make our students capable of the acquisition of knowledge, perfection of skills, and inculcation of healthy and socially useful habits that are essential for achieving the goals of sustainable development. Our focus is on supporting our students so that they can be self-reliant and self-sufficient, keeping in view the CBCS syllabus under CBPBU.
Methods of teaching
Apart from the commonly used classroom lectures or the chalk-and-talk method, the Department uses ICT-based teaching-learning materials for the optimum benefit of the students. The Department also organizes workshops, educational tours, and other outreach activities each year as a part of the existing syllabus to imbibe a better understanding of philosophical, psychological, sociological, and methodological foundations of Education. Regular assessments through class tests, assignments, and end-of-the-semester internal assessments are carried out in order to ensure that the students are well-prepared for their final end-semester examinations.
The Departmental activities including regular classes are mainly carried out in its allotted classroom (Room No- 12) which is well equipped with the necessary physical infrastructure. However, for teaching-learning materials including text and reference books, the department has to depend on library resources.
CBPBU UG syllabus for B.A. Education under UGC prescribed syllabus template for CBCS semesters Courses Offered Honours Program Generic Elective
Education is a dynamic subject with an interdisciplinary outlook. The foundations of this subject are Educational Philosophy, Educational Psychology, Educational Sociology, History of Education in India, Research Methodology, Educational Management and Administration, Educational Policies, Curriculum Studies, Educational Technology, Statistical Interpretation, Teacher Education, Distance Education, and various other Skill Enhancement courses. As a discipline, education should be based on ideals, individual differences, and societal demands for the all-around development of individual learners. To enhance and propagate a scientific temper and an inquisitive aptitude, this course includes different methodologies of research. A graduate well-versed in this course is expected to manage an educational institution with the help of the principles taught in Educational Management and Administration. Constitutional Provision of Education and Educational Policies give a student insight into the policy-making aspect of the existing education system. Students can take up the paper Guidance and Counseling and can have a chance of delving into the world of mental health and wellness. In order to strengthen students’ computational skills, Statistics Measurement and Evaluation are given their due importance in this course. Students can also learn the stages, bases, and processes of Curriculum Development. Contemporary issues related to society and its environment are also dealt with utmost importance. Thus, this course is in consonance with the popular view that Education is a multidisciplinary subject.